Thursday, November 29, 2012

DJ Deadeye Presents: Wu-Block The Mixtape

A lot of verdicts are already in, and yeah, that new "Wu-Block" album is being throroughly enjoyed by many a hardcore D-Block fan as well as the always diverse and open minded Wu heads...

SO, in that case many of you who either fall into category A or B will likely find this mixtape of things that didn't make it off the cuttuing room floor for the album..intriguing.

Thrown together by DJ Deadeye (that's Termanology's DJ for those wondering) this beheometh registers in at a clean 34 tracks deep and features many of the usual suspects, i.e. Sheek, Ghost, Jada, Trife, Bully, The Gza, Raekwon, etc., etc..

DJ Deadeye Presents: Wu-Block The Mixtape

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