Thursday, November 15, 2012

DJ Shadow Mix by Irn Mnky

DJ Irn Mnky completely goes off with this new, brilliant DJ Shadow mini mix that clocks in at just over 17 minutes....

In case you're wondering who he is, Irn Mnky is one of Shadow's newer collaborators, who met the DJ after sending him a noice remix version of "Walkie Talkie"... Here we find Irn Mnky engineering this mix that spans Shadow's entire catalog.. all I can say is wow..

You can follow along, as I've taken the liberty of copying and pasting this mix gold's tracklisting below:

"I've Got Two," Sesame Street 
"Shadow Propaganda Mix," Somepling 
"Hole in Ya Speakers," Irn Mnky 
"Let's Get It (Bass, Bass, Bass)," 
DJ Shadow "Disavowed" (Irn Mnky Electro Edit), DJ Shadow 
"Right Thing" (Z-Trip Set the Party Off Mix Bonus Beats 2), DJ Shadow 
"Organ Donor," DJ Shadow 
"Droop-E Drop," DJ Shadow 
"Organ Donor" (Sovereign Universalist Remix), DJ Shadow 
DJ esSDee scratch 
"I Gotta Rokk" (Irn Mnky Swagger Mix), DJ Shadow 
"Border Crossing," DJ Shadow 
"Walkie Talkie," DJ Shadow 
"Walkie Talkie" (Irn Mnky Beat Down Mix), DJ Shadow 
"Building Steam With a Grain of Salt" (NiT GriT Mix), DJ Shadow 
"Dats My Part" (feat E-40), DJ Shadow 
"Inject the Beat" (feat. Cappo, Bane & DJ esSDee), Irn Mnky 
"The Number Song," DJ Shadow 
"Compton," Dan Greenpeace & Irn Mnky 
"Scale It Back" (Irn Mnky Judgement Minimal Mix), DJ Shadow

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