Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Soleone - A Ruthless Criticism Of Everything Existing (Album Stream)

Soleone, the extremely thoughtful newcomer (sorta..he's been making music in Europe for years) that has a lot on his mind that he'd like to share with you good folks, has decided that the best way to inform you fuckas is via stream--of his whole, new album, "A Ruthless Criticism Of Everything Existing".

The now Denver-residing artist truly has many issues to speak on here.. if you know whats good for ya, tune in..

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Chrishc said...

You should factcheck a little X3 "Sole" has been recording in the US since 1993, and co-founded the Anticon record lable. His actual European releases were isolated to a period in the mid 2000s before lack of a work visa forced him to return to America.