Monday, September 16, 2013

Boardwalk Empire Presents... Sounds Of The Onyx: Prohibition Era Jazz Remixed

I rarely put an eye on HBO's Boardwalk Empire, but I will say, the show is pretty decent and captivating when I do.. as if the adventures of Mobster Nucky Thompson weren't a big enough selling point, I guess teh folks over at HBO decided to reel in the Jazz heads too...

This is where it gets interesting... Some of the people behind Boardwalk Empire recruited some of Hip-Hop's best jazz men to flip some of the prohibition era Jazz records they had layin around. Pete Rock, Jazzy Jeff, Tall Black Guy, Shafiq Husayn and others do some righteous ass work that you gotta hear..

"Sounds Of The Onyx" can be heard in full, streaming, below and is available for free download as well...

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