Friday, September 27, 2013

Video Interview: Zane Lowe Interviews Kanye West For BBC

Ya know... I've said a lot of shit about Ye' in the past publically... from the fact that I enjoyed his music more when he was mainly a soul-sample producing cat in the background to me always, always applauding him as the ONLY rapper who stood up on TV and attacked George Bush Jr. after Katrina. Complexity is this cat... and that's coo, I'm complex..I know ppl don't fit in one lil' tiny box..nah, we wouldn't even fuckin want that if they could. At least you shouldn't.

Here, Ye' speaks with Zane Lowe and sheds some jewels about self-perception, the nature of corporations in the music industry, what he wanted to acomplish with his new album "Yeezus", being an outsider in the fashion industry, making predictions for the future and a lot more... a lot more...

No matter what you may think of thi cat, truth is truth and he def.touches on a good deal of it here. Sit back and listen for a bit..

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