Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Single: Sage Francis - Lost Loves (Xaul Zan Vs. Lil Sage)

Who's down with Sage Francis? PHH that's who.. peep out his latest joint, that really, the concept of, I don't think I've ever heard about being done before.. he records new verses over 20 year old ones... peep the full story below:

“Lost Loves” is a song that literally took 20 years to complete. The first half was recording in 1991 and the other half was recorded in 2011. Thanks to Sage Francis being a pack-rat since an early age, he is now able to trade bars with his younger self. Finalizing this song involved salvaging a 20 year old recording from a 2nd generation cassette dub, filling in the blank lines, and twisting what was originally a tale of unrequited love into a bizarre story about a man who thinks it’s appropriate to woo his lady with battle raps. 
To top it all off, this is the long-awaited return of Sage’s nasty alter-ego, Xaul Zan…so don’t expect anything sweet. “It’s got to do with lots of lovin’ and it ain’t nuthin’ nice.” Many thanks to Pat Jenses for the artwork!

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