Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mixtape Of The Month: K-Hill - The Return Of Monroe Hutchin

This month's most outstanding mixtape title undeniably goes to the distinguished and multi-talented artist K-Hill. Underground heads are familiar with K-Hill because of the extensive work he's done with Justus League and 9th Wonder. Make no mistake however, K-Hill has collaborated with the best in the hardcore rap business. From Nature, Big Daddy Kane and Jean Grae, he's built up a pretty solid resume for an upstart producer. The Durham, NC native with the inate faculty for both producing catchy, soul drenched beats and rhyming with the sharp wittyness of a true school veteran has opted to deliver to us fans a whole mixtape of his works completely free of charge. A meaningful gesture considering that he surely could sell his stuff...It unequivocally is the type of bona fide Hip-Hop material that underground junkies reavenously seek out and pay fifteen bucks for.

"The Return Of Monroe Hutchin" has all the right componants to be deemed memorable, if not classic. It's a consistent effort, which has purpose behind all of it's selections. Even the title has a meaning that is much more than your annoying and self-serving designation that you'll typically find on the front of most mixtapes these days. For all those that don't understand the significance of the name "Monroe Hutchin", it stems from the name of a fictional movie character that was played by Wesley snipes in the film he co-produced called "Undisputed", which was released sometime in 2002. Hutchin is an intelligent and low-key inmate in one of the highest security prisons in America. He' also is the undisputed heavyweight boxng champion of the prison ten years and running. Hutchin landed himself in jail by beating a man to death using his bare hands which as any fan of pugilism knows, are registered as lethal weapons. K-Hill takes on the role of the brillant, yet un-assuming Hutchin, as he also displays how his hands are lethal weapons when he writes rhymes and composes beats.

In the lyrical category we have K-Hill dispatching some of his best verses ever in his slight southern accent alongside a prime supporting cast, that includes the extremely complimentary services of emcee's like Torae, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Supastition, L.E.G.A.C.Y., Soulstice and the legendary Grand Daddy I.U.. In the production grouping we discover K-Hill has indeed not limited this tape's phonetic arrangement's to be provided by him alone. Assembling a cast of heavilly respected beatsmiths in Marco Polo, J Dilla and The Gyphted, he is sure to absorb any fan of good music with the array of head-nodding and grandly melodious sequences.

As far as the overall theme and tone of this tape goes, K-Hill delivers many an important message to his Hip-Hop peers while the dope composition's coincide. From learning how to let go of the past, dealing with the constant "indie" artist frustrations and understanding what really matters in this world of material things, this project is filled with silver-tongued moments and substansive attitudes. Not totally consumed by all the austere and reflective subjects that he's no doubt surrounded by, K-Hill is just as cagey with his production when it comes to the segments of the tape that take a less heavy approach. Supplying beats for tracks like "So High", "Ving Rhames" and "Back In The Day" K-Hill manifests a unique quality to model beats perfectly for the emcee's subject matter as well as shwing he can keep it light; a skill that has no doubt carried him to the buzz he's arrived at now and will continue to fuel his meteoric rise through the vast ranks of masterful underground producer's and emcee's.


1) Preview (prod by K-Hill)
2) Legendary Intro (prod by The Gyphted)
3) The Verdict (prod by Marco Polo)
4) Welcome Home ft. Tiffany Paige (prod by The Gyphted)
5) Jim Snooka - The Boiling Point ft. K-Hill (prod by K-Hill)
6) The Formula Radio Drop (prod by Vanderslice)
7) Shabamm Sahdeeq - Keep Comin ft. Supastition, Torae, & Tiffany Paige (prod by K-Hill)
8) J. Bully - Ving Rhamez (prod by K-Hill)
9) L.E.G.A.C.Y. - No Regrets ft. Lunatic Messiah (prod by K-Hill)
10) Granddaddy I.U. - Back In The Day Rmx ft. Pudgee Da Phat Bastard & Kal Royale (Prod by K-Hill)
11) Omniscence - So High - (prod by K-Hill)
12) DJ Flash Freestyle (J Dilla Instrumental)
13) Ving Rhames - Gunns and Butter
14) Winner’s Circle ft. Soulstice and J.Bully (prod by K-Hill)

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