Friday, November 19, 2010

Emilio Rojas - Life Without Shame

Emilio Rojas hits the rap landscape with his latest and greatest....

Aided by Green Lantern at the helm, Rojas drops "Life Without Shame"; a 14 track melding of new works from the wordy upstate New York emcee....

I was a lot more enthusiastic about Emilio back when he was going by 'Raks One' and was keeping shit a lil' more true to real Hip-Hop, but I'm anxious to hear what he's been working on in wake of his last mixtape which I didn't dig much at all...I see some suspect features on this release (B.o.B? Ashanti?...) but I'mma dive in anyway...besides I see some pretty worthy production features too...

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Emilio Rojas - Life Without Shame

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