Thursday, November 11, 2010

Video: Gasface Media Presents New York Minute Episode 4: Night Nurse W/ G. Dep

This is such a well done and captivating video/mini documentary from Media Gasface/NYM.....

G. Dep was at one point in the late 90's and early 2K's a man that was on the rise...He had signed to a re surging Bad Boy Records and had a few hits in the process leading up to and during the release of his debut album "Child Of The Ghetto". The album itself  was critically praised pretty widely, but failed to sell in a mirror fashion...Dep was soon released from his contract with Bad Boy and that pretty much set off a series of events that would find him toiling and suffering setback after setback....

Dep ended up doing a stint in Rikers Island and is still somewhat languishing in the bowels of the NYC streets after his release, but he was good enough to take some of his time and discuss his meteoric rise and fall in the game here. He goes through how he and Puff first linked (Puff came thru to Dep's projects in a Bentley) his incarceration and how he felt let down by Puff's business end of dealing with him.


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The Kool Skool said...

The musick in-dust-ry... Who'd let their 7yr old daughter in this shit?! Sad, another example of Bad Boy career longevity. Who's had a future in that company???? Craig Mack, Biggie, Black Rob, (S)kids In The Hall... You come with all the deep stuff DO, hope your good