Friday, November 19, 2010

Single: Roc Marciano - Scarface N*gga

When I first heard that Roc Marciano's virtuoso of a hardcore opus "Marcburg" was going to be revamped and re-mixed and re-titled "Reloaded" I was sincerely giddy...I'm even more anxious and excited today as we get one of the first leaks off said project....

"Scarface N*gga" is a brutally titled and even more bruising exercise in what used to be so great about the criminology-inspired NYC rap landscape...Dead pan, unapologetic and glaringly aggressive, this is that shit that sends me right back to the mid 90's when acts like Mobb Deep and Wu-Tang were running this rap shit.


Roc Marciano - Scarface N*gga

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