Sunday, November 14, 2010

Video: Toki Wright - A Different Mirror

When Rhymesayers label member and all around righteous brother Toki Wright dropped his debut solo effort "A Different Mirror" last year, I was hailing it as a great record early on. The man brings about consciousness in a true revolutionary fashion and in the past year has added a bunch of even further in-depth work to his new resume.

It's only just recently that Toki released the title track video for his stellar debut and I gotta say it's one of the more headier efforts I've seen this year...Here's the official description:

The music video for the title track from my album "A Different Mirror" is an analysis of the power dynamic in the United States. Throughout generations since the onset of the Transatlantic Slave Trade men and women have been forced into a cycle of poverty, abuse, and systemic dependency. A mirror will expose whatever images are put in its path. It is my hope that this video exposes the story of another America, its vicious cycles, and helps to break them down in the name of progress and understanding.
The imagery is right on time and very well done...hats off to director Andrew Melby....


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