Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Kid Daytona - The Interlude LP

I know a lot of times on PHH I tend to keep things pretty underground and/or hardcore in terms of the type of Hip-Hop I pump into the ceaseless stream of internet media, but every now and again I loosen my standards and post a project that is a lil' more broad in it's appeal...I give ya'll The Interlude LP...

Okay, so The Kid Daytona probably registers a good bit in the hardcore area and some of these features will appeal to underground heads (9th Wonder, Aloe Blacc) and all of that is a good thing. With that said, I think that this tape definitely tries to split those hairs of underground, mainstream, hardcore, lyrical, etc., etc.,...

It's a diverse listen in spots...One thing i really dug was how Daytona paid homage to a lot of 90's lore by taking some of our most beloved interludes and beat outros and gettin' em' re-flipped and then rhyming over em'...MAD inventive.

All thanks due to LRG for puttin this out.


The Kid Daytona - The Interlude LP

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