Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Single: PH - Hollywood (prod. by DJ Static)

Park Slope emcee and Brooklyn Academy member Pumpkinhead PH drops a new banger for us, off his upcoming new project, "Know The Ledge", which you can swoop up at a later point in time this Summer..

Remember kids...don't go to Hollywood and forget who that ass is...don't trust it! I'mma let PH tell it though:

Man, I have seen artist straight up walk past fans that made them what they are without one shred of acknowledgment. It’s sad actually, the whole acting like your too busy to acknowledge a fan is played. You’re not that important! I have seen friends of mine [in the music business] act totally different when the machine is hot. I will never ignore a fan (friend) or treat those that I consider peers differently, because of my status in the game. This is not a diss record. This is asking, “HEY!! Do you realize how you’re acting is what you used to make fun of and be repulsed by when you were struggling on the come up?” This is not directed at any one person, but it is an eye opener. Take a look at yourself. If you find this offensive, then I’m right. You are truly ‘Hollywood‘.
Wise words being spoken man...no doubt there...


PH - Hollywood (prod. by DJ Static)

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