Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Video: Quasimoto - Low Class Conspiracy (Fan made)

Yo, real talk, this is one of the best videos I've seen in a minute...not surprisingly its fan made....

"Low Class Conspiracy" is director Kristoffer Crook's submission for the Stones Throw Video Contest and it's better than 99% of the videos that be coming out with a budget... damn...someone get these guys a deal..

Taking this dope cut from Madlib's alter ego's "The Unseen" album and finally giving it a proper video treatment, we get visuals for a dope lil' excursion that finds Lord Quas doing some dope ridin', gettin' pulled over by the fuzz and oh yeah, pulling a heist... Man...That Quasimoto costume is great.

If you're a young director wit skills be sure to enter the contest....

P.S. Here's another video submission for the contest, and yet another really dope effort..For this vid the inspiration was Dilla's "Last Donut Of The Night"...


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