Friday, July 1, 2011

Mick Boogie + Jazzy Jeff - Summertime 2

It's friggin' 95+ degrees outside most places all over the country and that to me pretty much signals the true arrival of Summer time kiddies...

While we bake to the record highs and get high to the record highs, this new mix from DJ Mick Boogie and Jazzy Jeff is the perfect mix of classic Hip-Hop jams (and their original sample sources) that get you ready for the 3 month journey that is ahead of us...take it to the pool, take it to the ball game, take it to the park take it to ya damn job if you're lucky enough to have one and make it your 2011 Summer soundtrack..


Mick Boogie + Jazzy Jeff - Summertime 2 Mixtape

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