Tuesday, October 2, 2012

14KT - A Friendly (Vocal) Game Of KT

If you keep up with ya past, dope, instrumental releases, than you'll remember 14KT dropping this collection of crazy ass beats not too long ago.. Fast forward to a few days ago and the former Athletic Mic League member, current The Lab Techs member, and Ypsilanti, MI native is back with a bit of a re-imagining to four of the cuts..

As he re-releases the "(Voca)l" version of "A Friendly Game Of KT" as a four track EP that features  not only himself going in on the mic ("AsWe (Continue)"), but Skyzoo, The Black Opera and Oddisee & Oliver Daysoul as well, you get to really enjoy a melding of styles over such a rich and inventive style of production that 14KT possess...

my only qualm is that all the instro's didn't get the same treatment.

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