Friday, October 5, 2012

FLuD Presents - “Live at the Barbershop” ft. J-Live, Breez Brewin, and Alan Hahn

FLuD Watches presents their inaugural podFluDcast, "Live At The Barbershop", that's hosted by FLuD founder Doug Cohen and Breez Brewin Of The Juggaknots...

Stopping by for the show is none other than legendary New York Knicks announcer and personality Allan Hahn and NYC underground Hip-Hop staple, J-Live..

If you dig sports talk coupled with a lil' Hip-Hop, this podcast is def. up your alley... the fellas break it down on everything from the NCAA's exploitive practices, NBA ballers not being able to enter the league at 18 years old and many other hot button topics.

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