Thursday, October 18, 2012

Single: The Black Opera - Balcony

When was the last time you kiddies made it to the opera and got yaselves some culture? Eh? Ehh? Well, if it's been awhile I suggest you step right into the brand new single from the only Opera you should have on ya radar today.... The Black Opera.

Again, the secretive group that is teeming with talent and actually has some worthy social commentary is back with a new record that absolutely should be on ya radar, "Balcony".

The Black Opera is readying their new album "Libretto: Of King Legend"  on the equally laudable indie label, Mello Music Group, and I'm fairly sure that it'll knock righteously.. for now though, let's just let this soak..

Below is a lil' more info on the new album:

In the world of opera, a libretto is the blueprint, a written text that anchors the performance. In the same vein, The Black Opera’s upcoming album Libretto: Of King Legend will prove to anchor the sound and message of The Black Opera. Libretto: of King Legend is a detailed tale, told from the perspectives of both the incredible King and his loyal statesmen. 

As an aperitif to The Black Opera’s upcoming album “Libretto: Of King Legend”, MMG is offering the first leak from the project: “Balcony.” A deep, warbling bass line and 80’s coke cinema synths (courtesy of producer Astronote) grace the tracks sonic backdrop. The mysterious vocalists with “black hoodies on no matter what the forecast” fill the pocket nicely with the double entendres and charisma that has garnered them a faithful following. 

Libretto is the third and final installment of the three part introduction: THE BLACK OP: ERA I. Libretto creates a musical umbrella which encompasses the [r]evolutionary theme of their first installment Overture and the charismatic spirit of their second installment EnterMission., all while delving into the brilliant mind, heart and bloodline of The Black Opera. 

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