Thursday, October 18, 2012

J-Live - Hot Vs. Dope: The Mixtape Vol. 1.1

Whenever this man drops anything new, helms a new tape, remixes something, whatever, I'm all over it.. That's the respect that I pay J-Live b/c I been following the man's career for over a decade and guess what? He's never compromised any part of himself or the culture..

As you may expect, he's back up to his inventive ways with this new mix and party that he hosts down in Atlanta, his new home...

HOTvsDOPE was founded by J-Live. J-Live tours worldwide as an emcee and a deejay, but has started this party as his main residency in Atlanta GA. Each party will feature two deejays going round robin and two visual artists with their work on display. The goal is to cultivate an environment where the best of popular music isn’t shunned, but can share a space with lesser known but also high quality tracks. Hot Vs Dope is about going out to a party and not hearing the same old club music. Selecting the best of commercial and underground, major label and indie. From the pop to the avant garde.

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