Monday, October 22, 2012

Single: Toki Wright - Simplest Things (Uhuru Dubplate)

Man, it's always tough hearing news like this..

If you can read (above) you can see that Doomtree member, emcee/producer P.O.S., has fallen under harder times and will be needing a kidney transplant.. As someone that just VERY RECENTLY was dealing with his own kidney-related problems, trust me, it's all a very scary and highly expensive process.

Being the stand up brutha that he is, fellow Minnesota artist and emcee Toki Wright jumped into action and dropped this stunning track in hopes of garnering some loot for his ailing friend.

Below are some words from Toki and the addy to donate to the Paypal for P.O.S.:

I'm not sure what else I can do but POS needs a new kidney. You can donate through PayPal here We love you Brother. - - Fight for reasonable and affordable Health Care everywhere.

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