Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dirty Naturals - weatherPROOF

Jersey is STILL a hot bed of Hip-Hop talent, both new and old, and in case you forgot, here's somethin from the former..

The Dirty Naturals (Remsa & Event) combine 90's production sensibilities with raspy, rugged vocals that pair a witty sense of humor with realistic street and inndustry imagery..

"weatherPROOF" is what I often refer to as a hidden gem. So happy I stumbled across this.. and you will be as well.. good boom bap is so hard to come by in the 2013..

This, their sophomore release clocks in at 11 tracks and features names like Rass Kass, Louis Logic and Sam Doom... Cop it on their bandcamp for .50 cents or DL it free below..

Dirty Naturals - weatherPROOF

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