Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Single: J.Period & Black Thought - Rage Is Back Freestyle

Ya know, shit like this proves yet again why this man Black Thought is one of the all-time most un-fuckwitable cats ever on the mic..

To assist writer Adam Mansbach with the new mixtape he's doin with J.Period to create some buzz for his new book, "Rage Is Back", Black Thought goes ahead and freestyles over Nas's classic cut, "NY State Of Mind" from his all-time classic record "Illmatic"..

In case you're not familiar with Mansbach, the man is a hell of a writer.. hell of a writer, and you should def. peep out his works. I know most folks these days know him from his hilarious "adult children's book" "Go The Fuck To Sleep", but some of his other works, most notably "Angry Black White Boy: A Novel", shouldn't go un-noticed.. and yeah, his new book, "Rage Is Back" dropped 5 days ago.. so be sure to grab that too.

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