Sunday, January 13, 2013

News: Big Boi Reveals He Didn't Vote For Barack Obama

I guess it may surprise some, but Big Boi ain't no Democrat.. to the contrary, Sir Lucious Leftfoot is actually a Libertarian, and not only that, in this interview with HuffPost Live, the longtime ATL emcee divulged that he voted for Gary Johnson this past presidential election, not Barry Obama... Hmmm.. some may have a problem with that, personally, I think it shows what we've all known all along, Big Boi ain't no fool.. he's paying attention.

 While I will say that his political views definitely don't align with mine, and that he should def. take a further look into the Libertarian ethos and just what they really stand for *cough* they're closet Republicans *cough*, I'm happy he's an independent thinker and unafraid to state so.

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