Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Video: JR & PH7 ft. Torae - Do It For You

JR & PH7 are two of the best new producers out there man...period. I don't care if we talkin euro cats that cross the pond, over there, here, where the fuck ever, these two deserve a heap of friggin' respect. You think I'm spittin that booty chatter peep their sophomore LP, "The Update", that was released last year and still is in my rotation...If your feeling real ambitious peep their prior work as well which is just as insanely dope if not doper...

Right now JR & PH7 got a new video for us, highlighting one of the better joints on an album full of better joints in "Do It For You", that features a poised Torae manning the mic. Video is cool, everything looks really sharp, but to me the story is the music with these guys...always.

Directed by M. Gudczinski...


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