Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Say What?? Mister Cee Edition

Okay, so by now we all have heard about you know who, doin you know what with you know who....But in case you haven't, you might wanna sit down.

Last week famed and legendary NYC deejaying personality Mister Cee was arrested for Lewd conduct n Manhattan and it was reported initially that in fact he was caught employing the services of a 20 year old male prostitute while in his vehicle...Twitter was goin nuts, ppl speculated wildly, those bozos over at Hot 97 and Power 105 started some sort of a squabble w/ each other and a few even refused to believe the story til' it was verified by a concrete source...

The story was later verified and well, it hit everyone in different ways. Myself personally, I would never jump on Cee for simply being gay. Just wouldn't....fact is though, he is in violation here on a number of other levels. Number one, this cat is messing with a young boy half his age, who is a sex worker.

Morally, I look down on that highly for a slew of reasons, the most glaring being that a high amount of the sex workers in New York City are street dwellers who are being trafficked, pimped or outright controlled by nefarious entities. To support that industry is to simply not have a very good conscious. Secondly, lets not ignore the fact that this quite possibly isn't the first time Cee has gone all Hugh Grant and Eddie Murphy on us. In fact, police reports revealed that he's been busted two other times for loitering for the purpose of prostitution this past year.

I grew up like many others idolizing Cee for what he did with the music, DJing for Big Daddy Kane and for playing an integral role in the excavation of a fellow Brooklyn resident by the name of Christopher Wallace. It's too bad that he's going out like this, but I'd be lying if I said I would ever be able to look at him in the exact same light I once did.

You played yaself somethin awful duke...straighten ya life out.


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