Saturday, April 23, 2011

Prodigy - Audio Excerpts From "My Infamous Life" Book

Okay, so all this week online there's been a heap of buzz over the excerpts that were leaked from Prodigy's upcoming book "My Infamous Life". Also this week Prodigy let some new music go and has been corresponding heavy with Complex Mag....

As a part of his on-going promo for the book and week long correspondence with Complex P put together some actual audio excerpts from "My Infamous Life" for the good people to actually hear in his own words...

With all the hub bub that's been created behind some of his claims in the book I think this is proper fuel to the fire, but hey, it is what it is...should generate some proper sales too.


Prodigy Talking About The Incident At Def Jam W/ Havoc

Prodigy Talking About Confronting Jay-Z At Justin's

Prodigy Speaking About Incident On The Boat

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