Monday, April 25, 2011

Video/Snippets: Tony Touch and D-Stroy Vinyl 94' Demo EP Promo

Holy shit this is ill....

You yearning for a time machine back to the glorious Hip-Hop era that was the mid 90's? Don't we all...Fact is, us 90's heads are getting further and further away from those wonderful times when Hip-Hop was golden and beats and rhymes trumped all else.

Look no further, and ready your anticipation for this however...Tony Toca and D-Stroy (Of The Arsonists) are releasing their Demo EP from 94' on limited edition vinyl and this is the promo for it people...

On top of the joints being superb (and I mean that in every sense possible) this promo includes some wild dope archive footage from the 90's of Touch and D-Stroy doing everything from riding around the city, touring, chillin and cold rockin shows....

I'm really excited about this release man, and after you hear and see this promo you will be as well. You can get ya order on now over at Chopped Herring records..I suggest you do so post haste, this vinyl only release is limited.


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