Tuesday, April 26, 2011

DJ Inform - The Fair Use Project

It's been a lot of friggin' Hip-Hop going on around here lately and that's fine b/c you kiddies know that's how I like to do my thing, but if you been following this blog for awhile you should also know that I gives it up for Vinyl/Record diggin' and turntablism culture to the fullest as well....

Seeing as how that culture is a huge component of REAL Hip-Hop, it's high time I get back on track and start throwing you wax fiends something you can chew on...

Insert DJ Inform, a seminal talent on the 1's and 2's comin straight outta the sun washed streets of San Diego who is wildly creative and has a new mix called "The Fair Use Project" that needs to be shared and bumped by YOU...

You'll hear all your favorite breaks and grooves here as well as a few blends, some dope samples and precision scratching all melded into one perfectly fuzzy and funky mix....This guy is nuts with it chitlins, dig in.

Below is Track 1 of 5, but I posted a link to Inform's Bandcamp where you can hear the other 4 tracks and buy/purchase the whole project.


Listen To The Full Mix Here

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