Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Video: Scram Jones - Boom Bap Jones

"you know my style, you know my name, still love Hip Hop but it's not the same" 

Some really nice, aesthetically pleasing Hip-Hop visuals here from Scram Jones who decided to give his "Boom Bap Jones" track the video treatment..

There's no doubt this man has provided some nostalgia with this vid... whether it's the ghetto blaster or just the feel of those shots around NYC, damn, I miss that real Hip-Hop too..

Scram's "Hat Trick" album coming soon..

1 comment:

Str33t-Hiphop said...

I totally agree Hip-hop was way better back in tha days. That old vibe is gone. There need to be alot more rappers like him that can bring it back! Great vid and track.