Thursday, October 20, 2011

Single: Sav Killz ft. Lil' Fame - Jamel Rockwell

We haven't forgot about the dope, workhorse emcees outta NY like Sav Killz... No sir...not at all..

Sav has been steady pounding out material and expectedly is prepping a new EP appropriately titled "Still Determined"... Our first taste is this foreboding and head nodding banger, "Jamel Rockwell" that features a master hardcore purveyor in Lil' Fame of M.O.P., who takes care of the hook nicely while Sav gets into a harrowing tale of how he came up..

Sav Killz ft. Lil' Fame - Jamel Rockwell


Season said...

I flipped that sample. Hit me up @SeasonBeats

Black Impact said...

The worse part is the producer chopped up the sample up the same exact way I did when I sampled this back in February 2008 for a beat battle I was in. It's dope but I'm feeling my beat better though.