Monday, October 24, 2011

Single: Sam Mickens ft. MF Grimm - Grisly Ghouls

Let's take a break from the traditional Hippidy Hoppity stuff and get into some brooding Alt Rap shall we?

Legendary emcee MF Grimm has started putting new music out more and more sparingly, a fact that I hate, but acknowledge as truth and the eventual cycle of things...but, when I heard he had a new guest spot on Seattle Guitarist/Vocalist Sam Mickens' new project "Slay and Slake", I had to take a listen w/ the swiftness...

It's different, but oh so dope... If you're familiar with the band Sweet Dead Science than you know how Sam gets down, and if you know MF, you know how he can adapt to any sonic situation seamlessly... feast ya ears on it!

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