Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ras G - Cosmic Tones 4: Mental Therapy Vol.1 Mix

Ras G, the funked out, soulful space brutha that we all know and love has a new mix out for ya'll to get with by the name of "Cosmic Tones 4: Mental Therapy Vol.1" , and it is as they say, a doosy..

Featuring names like Flying Lotus, Hudson Mohawke, Peter B., Professor Cantaloupe, Pharoah Sanders, Ta' Raach, Lady Oblivia, Carlos Nino, Pudge, Sun Ra and many others.

Below lay Ras' instructions upon pressing play...

Smoke that.......Eat these...lay back.......and let go 2 this _Brotha There


Thomas Sebastian said...

dope music, check out my blog!

Bea said...

This was an interesting experience. My favorite thing on your blog so far.