Friday, June 22, 2012

Video: Vinnie Paz - Cheesesteaks

Get up and get a raw dose of The Illadelph from the point of view of one of it's proudest hardcore sons, Vinnie Paz...

Pazzy is readying his upcoming new solo "God Of The Serengeti", and what better way to amp folks than to release this joint, which BTW features the production of one half of the legendary Beatnuts, Psycho Les (not an easy guy to get beats from) handling b.i. as only he can.

Love this vid, esp. how it's infused with some of the rawest moments in Philly pro sports history, including but not limited to A.I. crossing the shit outta Jordon, B Hop's ring entrances and Randall Cunningham doin work out on the gridiron.

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