Friday, June 15, 2012

Single: Praverb the Wyse feat. Blame One, Theo3 & DJ Grazzhoppa - Rock On (GodzG Remix)

There's a world of lyricism out there in Hip-Hop these days and three of the guys who been at it for awhile and have largely been unjustly left out of those convo's are Praverb The Wyse, Blame One and Theo 3... One producer seemed to of taken notice..

Here all three of those names and DJ Grazzhoppa's expert cuts receive the remix treatment from GodzG, a UK name that I admit I don't know much about, but really enjoy the twist he put on this one..

If you get a chance, def. peep Praverb's upcoming "The Gospel Is Free  2: The Rebrth" , from which the original version of this song stems..

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Thomas Sebastian said...

dope music, check out my blog!