Thursday, June 28, 2012

Single: Mr. J. Medeiros - The Rockies (prod. by Stro Elliot)

Unless you're just not a newsy at all you may of not heard about the serious devastation on the northside of my city..

Mr. J Medeiros (now located in southern Cali) calls Colorado Springs home base as well and he went ahead and laced a tribute track for 'The Springs' as we call it...

Seeing as how Medeiros and The Procussions have always been considered one of the top 3 Hip-Hop acts to have ever come up outta C Springs, it's fitting that he went ahead and did this joint up proper... Stro on the beat...

I know my hometown of Colorado Springs is on fire right now and might still be in July during my, Stro Elliot, and The Procussions shows there- (dates below). This was written and recorded just before the fires started to help promote those shows, which should explain why it’s content is not focused on “fire” or “fire fighting” ha. It’s a quick nod to my fam, friends, and fellow 719 heads… I hope to write more about home. A big shout to Stro Elliot for the production and Luke Atencio for the artwork.

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