Friday, June 15, 2012

News: Reports Of I.G. Off's Passing Confirmed..

I regretfully must inform all those who still aren't aware of the fact, that yes, the rumors that had been swirling since early this week about the passing of 90's underground stalwart emcee I.G. Off are in fact true..

I'm massively late reporting this, but when I saw the actual, factual confirmed reports it was really a feeling of sadness for the Far Rockaway, Queens artist..

In recent years I.G.'s life had taken an enormously hard and bumpy turn.. in 2007 he was struck by a drunk driver and consequently paralyzed from the waist down.. Despite that he had continued recording music..

The news of I.G.'s death came via Twitter and veteran radio host and rap journo, Jay Smooth..

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