Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blu - Jesus LP

Blu knows how to be a true artist man...fuck the limelight, fuck the hob nobbing and rubbing elbows, the smoke sessions...okay, maybe not he smoke sessions, but eff all the extra shit and just get the music out to the fans however possible and on a consistent basis.

Here, Blu again sticks to his truly indie formula and drops, seemingly out of nowhere a brand new LP titled "Jesus"....

I love this Hip-Hop shit man...and I love artists like Blu who just throw the industry bullshit to the side and really only seem to care about expressing themselves the way in which they'd like to..

You can hear the new LP in it's entirety on Blu's Bandcamp (or down below) as well as cop it for the ultra cheap price of $10 bones...which it's definitely worth...I've heard all the complaints about the mic quality on the tracks...I mean, yeah, there's that, but I think it adds like, character to this project and makes it standout from other stuff...plus I know how expensive it is to get shit mastered...lol...either way, peep it out down below.


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