Monday, May 30, 2011

Grand Agent - Hustle Til' It Hurt Album (Mixed by DJ Modesty)

Whoo! Brand new album from none other than Grand Agent ya'll! Check in!

GA as many of you know is the Philly cat that hit the Hip-Hop underground with the classic debut "By Design" back in 01'...

GA spent a couple of years out in Europe makin his dollars and has subsequently released 4 LP's since "By Design" and continues to be the total embodiment of dope Indie underground rap...

Today we got a brand new album outta nowhere from GA titled "Hustle Til' It Hurt" and I can honestly say it's dope to hear from GA again...Hip-hop needs more of this man's music. This release has a wide array of sounds on it, very diverse good as his prior stuff? Well, that's another story...All the same, the tracks I found to be the complete standouts were "On My Jock", "Smooth Jazz" and "Addicted".


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