Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Video: Armageddon - Sending My Love

Former T Squader Armagddon sends his well wishes and thank you's to a longtime incarcerated uncle as well as his fans who've stuck by his side through a turbulent career, which he now promises will be different in this new vid "Sending My Love"...The video gives a pretty in-depth look at the life and times he's had in Hip-Hop thus far.

I've been a fan of Geddy's since 98' and I can wholeheartedly tell you the talent has always been there...maybe he's a victim of mis-management in part, but a lot of what has held him back has been a lack of production...and I don't mean dope beats...

I hope Geddy is ready to turn that corner and really start giving us consistently dope music like this here...and while he's at it he needs to holla at Prospect and tell him to do the same.

Armageddon's "The Journal Vol. 1" The Rebirth EP" coming soon...


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