Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mac Lethal - North Korean BBQ

Let's get it straight, when it comes to white cats being in this here Hip-Hop game there is a huge number these days...some worthy of being apart of the show, others just another bad gimmick. But make no mistake, there was once a time when you could count on two hands the number of white cats in the game, that were really looked at as bringing it...Someone who would've fit in pretty well with that glorious class of yesteryear is this man, Mac Lethal.

Mac makes no qualms about being apart of that older, more refined lot of emcees from past era's, and even lets us know that this new project "North Korean BBQ", but I'mma let Mac tell it:

North Korean BBQ is for old souls. People 30+ (figuratively and literally.) 
The title, however, is a reminder for me and all of us, that no matter how hard life can seem. We are all very fortunate people to live where we live. In Kansas City, when we get lonely or depressed, we go gorge ourselves on delicious, molasses-based BBQ. In North Korea, they don’t get lonely or depressed. They don’t choose feelings or thoughts. North Koreans don’t eat BBQ. They eat octopus skin and fried white corn. I was looking through audio clips from old North Korean documentaries to mix in with the music, but honestly, I felt like I was being lighthearted about their situation, which is greatly serious. 
I must remind you of something, though: THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL PIECE OF MUSIC. NO! 
This is NOT a political statement, but an examination on the self-entitlement we feel while bathing in our own excess and drama. I’m sorry your boyfriend broke up with you, but treasure the good times you did have. Bump this mixtape as a way to help push those negative, volatile emotions out, BUT…always remember that below the surface, life is truly a beautiful, pleasant work of art for some of us. Unfortunately it takes looking at other people’s situations to realize that sometimes.

Peep the entire mixtape free below....


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