Sunday, May 22, 2011

Snippet: Common ft. Nas - Ghetto Dreams

I was debating whether or not to put this joint up or not due to the fact that I am so not a fan of snippets of just single damnit, if you gon' put the shit out, just put it out, fuck the fake ass suspense...In any case, Nas teaming up with Common is a big enough deal for me to momentarily set aside my pet peeves and put this joint up on the page for ya'll....

The actual sound we gettin on "Ghetto Dreams" is a pretty fuckin crazy one man...Some ole' prodding, hardcore type shit with Com taking it back to when he needed to Barrow a's a horribly short clip, but whaddya gon do? That's right kiddo's, no Nas on this clip...

This joint is supposedly off Common's upcoming new album, please believe the whole joint will be up when it drops...

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Common ft. Nas - Ghetto Dreams

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