Thursday, May 26, 2011

Single: The Rza - Only The Rugged Survive

WTF, I guess I missed the memo that said there was going to be a new Wu album coming out....*sighs*

The only reason I'm a lil' frustrated with the lack of promo for the new album, which is titled "Legendary Weapons" and drops at the end of next month on E1 Music, is because yo, this single is killer!

I mean, this is probably the nicest Rza track I've heard in a long, long time...Wu enthusiasts I think will agree with me when I say the production is a lot more conducive of a "classic" Wu sound as well...

There are a good amount of details that did come with this single however and they are as follows, pour through this if you'd like:

The Wu-Tang Clan is one of rap music’s longest running and most influential groups. Over the last two years the group has made a remarkable return to form. Beginning with E1′s 2009 release “Wu-Tang: Chamber Music” and continuing with projects such as “Wu-Massacre”, Ghostface Killah’s “Apollo Kids”, Raekwon’s “Only Built For Cuban Linx 2″ and “Wu-Tang vs Shoalin” they have released a series of critically acclaimed and commercially successful projects. 
Wu-Tang: Legendary Weapons will continue in that streak. This album includes a heavy dose of Ghostface Killah (he is featured on 8 of the albums 11 songs) alongside The RZA and all of the other core Wu- Tang group members. Dark, raw tracks produced by The RZA together with members of the Brooklyn based band The Revelations provide a solid foundation for the crew’s tales of violent New York street life and debauchery. 11 tracks and most of them feature Ghost and the production is being handled mainly by Rza and this new production squad called the least it's somethin' right?


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