Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cover Art: Kooley High Presents...David Thompson

The North Carolina collective Kooley High is back, readying their 2nd LP the enigmatically titled "David Thompson"....

As a longtime Nuggets fan you know I ain't mad at that title at all! The high flying forward who possessed the handles of a guard and spent 7 seasons in Denver and was frequently referred to as "Skywalker" will long be remembered for his insane vertical (a legitimate 48 inches) and smooth game..

You might be wondering why these new jacks selected him as the title and what the whole connection is, if so, read below...

Produced by DJ Pr!nce, Napoleon Wright II, and Tecknowledgy… This new project pays tribute to Kooley High’s NC roots as they try to reach the astronomical heights David “Skywalker” Thompson did when he lead the N.C. State University basketball team to their national championship win in 1974. David Thompson features guest spots from Skyzoo, Median, King Mez, Homeboy Sandman, and The Kid Daytona.

You can grab this new project on December 6th via Fat Beats.

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