Thursday, November 3, 2011

Singles: Destro Destructo - Along For The Ride

A dope Latino emcee from my former city of residence? How'd I miss this guy?

Portland veteran emcee and founding member of Oldominion has wasted little time if any staying 2 steps ahead of the momentum that’s been building. Over the duration of the next year, and in between projects, Destro Destructo will be releasing 1 free single per month accompanied with different cover art everytime to go with it. Upon completion of this project, the full length 12 track album will again be available for free digital download with another new and final 13th cover with liner notes. For the die hard collectors who have to have a physical copy, a very limited 100 copies of the album will be printed up along with 100 autographed posters. The first installment in this story as it unfolds over the next 12 months is fittingly titled “Along For The Ride”

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