Monday, November 28, 2011

Singles: The Roots ft. Phonte & Dice Raw - One Time

We now have the latest single off the upcoming (Dec. 6th) new LP "undun" from The Legendary Roots Crew, that, after hearing this, just really is shaping up to be a 4th qtr classic...

Here Phonte and fellow Illadelph native and frequent collaborator Dice Raw go in with Black Thought over a perfect 1,2 piano loop and a drum loop that sounds an awful lot like Questlove was mimicking Mountain's "Long Red" break, but don't hold me to that...matter of fact I'm pretty sure I'm wrong, lol..

Just play this.. you'll be a better person for it...and oh yeah, Thought took is still so seminally untouchable on that mic.

The Roots ft. Phonte & Dice Raw - One Time

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