Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Singles: Tanya Morgan - Whatever That's Mine

I'mma be honest, I been a Tanya Morgan fan since their first album and whatever they put out, whether it's just some random cuts on a mixtape that's native only to Denver (that does exist BTW) or their excellent LP's, I'm just a fan.. and while I guess Llyas isn't exactly rollin tuff anymore, Von Pea and Donwill still are more than enough to keep things going and they've got some new things for ya'll to keep on ya radar...

1st, you gotta be sure to be checking in weekly for the new Lessondary podcast that they started up and 2nd, you gotta prepare yourself for their upcoming EP "You And What Army"... It's the business of that EP that brings us to this post now.. I give you "Whatever That's Mine", the 1st single off the new EP, which will drop on the Tuesday after next...

here's the rundown on the track:

2011 has been a transitional period, professionally and personally. Keeping that in mind, ‘Whatever That’s Mine’ is inspired by the idea that everyday is another chance to go for yours, no matter what it is that you’re after. We were so damn down before, but now we’re getting up and going for ours. – Von Pea

Tanya Morgan - Whatever That's Mine

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