Monday, November 21, 2011

Interview: M.O.P. For

Kinda surprising to hear that M.O.P. ain't feeling the Nets' move.. Then again I can feel a lot of Danze's arguments and, not to mention there is a certain feeling of immense gentrification that I get when I see a pro team moving into a location like the one they're seeking to... Will the residents in the surrounding area even have a chance to go see games? Doubtful...

Tons of other stuff covered in the interview, just felt those aspects the most...Interview masterfully conducted by Uptown Bobby of

Uptown: Your former labelmate Jay-Z, has had his hand in getting Brooklyn a team. Did you to ever think you would live to see another major sports team in Brooklyn?   
Billy: Nah, I didn’t think I would get to see another team in Brooklyn. But, where their putting that stadium, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but somebody is gonna get the shit robbed out of them.  They know they aint got no business fucking around in that ghetto. You can’t put all that money in a place where niggas are starving and not expect shit to pop off. It’s like, you’re gonna come over here and wave your big bag of money around and tell me I can’t have it? Nah, aint gonna happen, B. I hope it works out, but you will not see me attending any games and that’s all I’m gonna say about that. 
Uptown: Wait, so we’ll never see M.O.P. wearing any Brooklyn Nets memorabilia?   
Billy: We’ll wear hats.Fame: I’ll wear the shit out of a Brooklyn Nets hat.Billy: Nine times out of ten, you might see Fame there because that’s his area, but me? Nah, son.Fame: I agree that it’s a good thing, but you can’t put all of that money in the hood and not expect niggas to snatch it. Don’t expect all that good stuff to happen without any bad, though.

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