Monday, December 5, 2011

i-EL (Ilyas) - The Book Of Elijah

I'm about a week late on this, and I apologize because it's a really dope release...

We all know that Ilyas i-EL parted ways with Tanya Morgan for some reason or another, and while that really, really disappoints me b/c he fit in so well with the group IMO, I understand that creativity is like growing roses in the desert--shit takes work and can strain some temperaments.. So, I guess they all did what they had to do...Not so great for the fans, but it is what it is..

While the breakup, or whatever it is sucks big time, the fact that "The Book Of Elijah" is dope as hell and that Von Pea and Donwill's latest EP is really good too seems to cement the fact that all parties made the right decision..

I digress....this joint contains 11 tracks and production from some of the underground's savviest in Flying Lotus, Brick Beats, Wes Mapes, Zee Imports and Sal Dali.

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