Monday, December 12, 2011

Jon Connor - Season 2

I frequently indulge in rooting for the underdog... it shouldn't surprise ya'll that when Flint, MI newcomer Jon Connor really started catching a buzz earlier this 2011 that I went ahead and checked his music... WHat I would discover is a young cat that puts so much heart into his music.. at times you can just hear the effort.. It helps that he actually is gifted as well and constructs verses that are re-playable as well as relatable...that's big for any artist..

"Season 2" is Jon's gift to the game...a free mixtape that displays fully and adequately the Michigan rhymer's skill set over a well-picked collection of instrumentals. As I expected he rises to the occasion and represents his town sufficiently with a balance of traditional underground stylized cuts and resonant, almost glossy high energy tracks.

Guest spots include GLC, Freeway, Lia Mack and Caas Swift...

Jon Connor - Season 2

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