Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Singles: Slick Rick - Need Some Bad (prod. by DJ Premier)

Whoa! Brand new heat from the man, the legend, Slick Rick, with Premo on the boards!

It's off that new flick The Sitter, that if I know my Jonah Hill flicks, should provide a few decent gags...

What does this joint cover tho subject wise? What else but a topic that can hit so close to home for a lot of cats, and ain't the usual rap braggadocio, but rather, a legend still doing what he does so well and being 100 X's more relatable than these new jacks who continually lie on they dicks, assuring their equally, oft-insecure listeners that they're lady slayers and always have been---dude, be for to every man that knows what a dry spell feel like..

Slick Rick - Need Some Bad (prod. by DJ Premier)

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